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Insights, Strategy


To identify the right target markets with the most potential for a spray-based vitamin range.


Utilised AI-powered social insights to develop a comprehensive presentation on recommended market opportunities and strategic direction based on growth potential.


Harnimans received a detailed presentation, highlighting invaluable information for investor pitches and brand strategy development. The insights revealed significant untapped market opportunities on parent pain points, enabling a more focused approach to brand transformation. This strategic clarity saved the brand from further trial and error costs, providing the solo founder with confidence to make pivotal decisions. The newfound direction and enthusiasm are set to drive the brand forward, marking a pivotal shift in its market engagement strategy.

They put together a really fantastic presentation full of great information that will be invaluable in pitching to investors and developing a really clear strategy and purpose for the brand. 


The information provided has potential to really transform the brand as we have realised that there is a huge opportunity with a target market that we are not currently making the most of. Getting these insights earlier would have meant we could have saved on a lot of trial and error.


As a solo founder, making the big decisions can be difficult. Having these insights makes it easier to make changes confidently. Thanks for giving me a clear direction for how to move the brand forward and a new found enthusiasm!

Sarah Harniman

Managing Director, Harnimans

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