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Stuck down the rabbit hole?
Seek direction.

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Hi, I'm Tina Thompson.

Lost amidst the deafening consumer buzz? Seeking that unique story where your brand truly resonates? I get it.

Relevance. Connection. They're more than jargon; they're your roadmap to genuine, sustained growth. Yes, you could try and game the algorithms, work the numbers, or follow hunches, but nothing boosts longevity like authentic relevance and genuine connection with your audience.

Join me on a 'Social Safari'. With an expert ear for social media chatter and sophisticated AI tools, I uncover not just the "who" and "what", but dive deep into the pivotal “why.”

Armed with these insights, we'll co-create a strategy for your brand, one designed for impactful, lasting connections. We'll iterate, tweak, and pivot until we strike that sweet spot - where everything just fits.

Witness growth across all touchpoints, so every marketing investment perfectly aligns with what your audience craves.

Ready to scale new heights? Together, let's get you out of the rabbit hole.


Some of the clients we have found the Sweet Spot for...

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